The Art of Ayurvedic Pregnancy (Garbha Sanskar)

Pregnancy is a process that invites you to surrender to the unseen force behind all life.
— Judy Ford

The Ayurvedic approach to pregnancy is that whatever happens to the mother, also happens to the life growing inside her. The mother and her unborn baby are revered in pregnancy and their needs are paramount. It has been recognized for thousands of years that the mother must be very happy and feel harmony with nature during pregnancy. For this, the family tries to keep her happy, especially the husband or partner.

It is understood that pregnancy is a time when everything the pregnant mother tastes, sees, touches, hears, and smells should be nourishing to the mother and child. There are very specific recommendations to bring about a state of balance in the consciousness, mind, body, behavior, and environment of the pregnant woman. Ayurvedic tradition says, "Let her hear good news, let her hear harmonious music, let her eat sweet foods, let her attend monthly celebrations to always keep her uplifted and nourished.”

The newborn is considered such an important divine creature, such a precious individual. You don't want to compromise his/her capacity for growth, for perfection, or to contribute to the world. As such the health of the unborn child should never be compromised. The mother must take care of herself, and in taking care of herself, she takes care of the child.

The nutritional and lifestyle protocols are vitally important at this time to keep the mother (and therefore baby) healthy, happy and developing well. Emphasis is also placed on her mental and emotional state as these too impact on the growing baby and Ayurveda has many tools to work with a mother during this time.

In the West we have become disconnected from ourselves and our bodies innate and heightened intuition and capacity to birth with power and strength. As such we often feel overwhelmed by a rollercoaster ride of hormonal fluctuations and unwanted and constantly changing advice. We often hand over our bodies to birthing professionals instead of trusting our bodies to birth our babies and see it as a natural process, and, apart from a few generic pregnancy nutritional do’s and don’ts, have no understanding of how our body-mind imbalances are manifesting. Much less how to treat them and regain physical health and emotional and hormonal balance.

How Ayurveda Helped Me

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I followed its protocols from pre-conception to postnatal care. This was my experience:

  • I conceived within 6 weeks of trying aged 35 and again aged 38.

  • I had healthy pregnancies with no morning sickness or illness.

  • I gave birth to my own babies naturally and quickly at home with no pain relief other than Ayurvedic massage and a hypnobirting CD.


Pregnancy can sometimes be a bumpy ride!

Overwhelming emotions, unsolicited, inconsistent and ever-changing advice and guidelines can disturb your peace and make you doubt yourself and your instincts.

So why not choose to listen to protocols that have never changed - the laws of nature.

Reach out and get the support you need to have the health and happiness you deserve at this special time.

1:1 Pregnancy Coaching Programme

Unique, complete and holistic tailor-made programme addressing all aspects of your pregnancy health and well-being.

All programmes can be done online via Skype/Zoom and include the following:

  • An initial Ayurvedic Consultation (via skype or zoom) to determine your constitutional make up and current health imbalances

  • A tailor made nutritional and lifestyle programme addressing your physical, mental and emotional health and specific pregnancy issues and trimesters

  • Follow up consultations and calls

  • Hand outs and instructions

  • General check ins (via email)

  • Email support

  • Relationship support

  • Birth preparation

  • Digital Doula support




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