The Sacred Art of Ayurvedic Conception and Fertility

“ The body of a woman who is to conceive

Is being chosen as a channel

For the expression of divinity into materiality.

Although ovulation is a law of nature,

Conception is a law of God.” - Edgar Cayce


The above quote beautifully and simply summarizes the belief that fertility is more than just the physical act of becoming pregnant; it is first and foremost your shift into parenthood which begins with your first true wish to begin a new family. Spiritually this desire serves as an invitation to a new soul whom you will guide on its journey into and through life.

This journey ideally begins, not at the moment of conception where the sperm meets the egg, but months before this desired event takes place as the couple's wish to bring new life into their world starts to emerge.

In the West we seem to have forgotten this aspect of fertility and having a baby has been reduced sometimes to the mere act of getting pregnant and put as another acquisition item onto our list of consumer durables; house, car, holiday, baby! When we want one, we think it is going to be easy but that is not always the case. We think that age is all important when it comes to conceiving but it is more about your state of health in body and mind.

With western fertility problems on the rise, it is time to redress the holistic and conscious methods for creating life again as ancient traditions, such as Ayurveda, have been teaching for thousands of years.

For anyone wanting to conceive and bring new life into this world it is recommended to be in the best of health so as not to pass on any imbalances to your child. A minimum of 3 months cleansing for BOTH parents is recommended, more if you are having difficulties conceiving.

How Ayurveda Helped Me to Conceive

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I followed its protocols from pre-conception to postnatal care. I had been following Ayurvedic Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice for about a year and this was my experience:

  • I conceived within 6 weeks of trying aged 35 and again aged 38 with no problems.

  • I had healthy pregnancies with no morning sickness or illness.

  • I gave birth to my own babies naturally and quickly at home with no pain relief other than Ayurvedic massage and a hypnobirting CD.

Fertility Cleansing Programme

All programmes include the following:

  • An initial Ayurvedic Consultation (via skype or zoom) to determine your (and your partners) constitutional make up

  • A tailor made nutritional and lifestyle programme addressing your physical, mental and emotional health and specific fertility guidelines

  • Follow up Ayurvedic Consultations (1 per month via zoom)

  • Hand outs and instructions

  • General check ins - bi weekly (via email/zoom)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Relationship support and guidance

3 MONTHS (online)

£499 (individual)

£635 (couple)

Before any new growth occurs, we need to cleanse the things that no longer serve us on physical, emotional and mental levels so you can offer your highest and best self to the new life. Physical depletion, fatigue, too much emotional baggage as well as physical toxins and doshic imbalances (too much heat, instability, heaviness for example) can hinder the health of your pregnancy.

We work together on cleansing on the physical, mental and emotional levels all tailored to your unique body mind constitutions.



£899 (individual)

£1150 (couple) 

Months 1- 3 - deep cleanse as above

Months 4- 6 - rejuvenation on a physical, mental and emotional level both in the body and your relationship and preparing to conceive.




For more information or to book a 20 min discovery call

Please send us a message and we can start your conscious conception journey here.