When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter
— Ina May Gaskin

Hello and welcome to my work.

I'm an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Doula & Coach and mother of two gorgeous beings (birthed and raised on Ayurveda) who is passionate about nurturing healthy, happy, natural and conscious women.

What I believe

I believe that peace, happiness and health are our natural states of being.

As a woman and mother I know that the journey from woman to mother is the most profoundly sacred and transformative event we will ever go through but that we are infinitely powerful and strong.

This creative force is never more powerful than in the unique and sacred transition pregnant women make from woman to mother, whether it is for the first or fifth time.  I believe that if nurtured, loved and supported well they can create the lives, pregnancies and motherhoods that they truly wish to have.

Where my journey started


As a young girl I was always a ‘seeker’ and was interested in the higher things in life - why are we here? Who am ? Is there a God? My life then became about travelling, healing, Reiki, meditation, Buddhism (for a while) and when I discovered Ayurveda I thought “A-ha! The complete health system.” It felt like I had just unlocked one of the simple laws of the universe. It never ceases to amaze me how simple but expansive a science it is.

My purpose in life is to help others to start to tune within a little more and to tune without a little less! To observe life, the world and themselves in it; their bodies, emotions, stories, beliefs and thoughts so they learn where they are stuck in their health, mindset and emotions and how it stops them from being fully present in life.

I’m a cat and tea lover (mainly herbal), wanderer and traveller, indie film aficionado, Mooji devotee and lover of community, truth and freedom. I also have an aversion to mint and watching people brush their teeth! But hopefully those quirks won’t get in our way…. ;)

My Pregnancy Experiences

Ayurveda Mama was developing in me all the while I was completing my Ayurveda studies as I was pregnant with my first child throughout my final year and just handed in my coursework before I gave birth (and simultaneously moved house the day before he was born, at home! Top tip: Don’t do that ladies, it ain’t the best way to become a mother!).

As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I followed its protocols from pre-conception to postnatal care. This was my experience:

  • I conceived within 6 weeks of trying aged 35 and again aged 38.

  • I had 2 healthy pregnancies with no morning sickness or illness.

  • I gave birth to my own babies naturally and quickly at home with no pain relief other than Ayurvedic massage and a hypnobirthing CD.

After being feared into hospital after my first baby was born things got a little rocky and I then experienced difficulties in the postpartum period as I wasn’t able to adhere to Ayurvedic postnatal protocol.

You can read more about my story which was published in The Green Parent magazine here.

This made me passionate about taking this care out into the world so that other mothers don’t suffer as I did and I have been working supporting women for the last 10 years supporting them to live a life more in tune with nature and to make the best most loving choices for themselves through my businesses Ayurveda Mama and Baby Bump Coaching.

How I Can Help You

If you want to feel more in in harmony and balance with your health, life, family and partner then I can help you with a bespoke programme of holistic care. Book a therapy or treatment, consider hiring a birth and/or post natal doula or take advantage of my online Coaching Programmes and Services and let me take the stress out of what should be the most sacred journey of your life.

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