Why do I feel so stressed all the time?

There are many reasons why we feel so stressed in our modern day fast-paced and hectic life.

1) The pace of modern life is more suited to a robot than a divine human being! That is the truth. We are living the most unnatural lives that we are not used to nor should be used to living. We live in isolated units with less community and less support than ever doing everything on our own; work, family responsibilities, children and baby rearing is done mainly alone nowadays.

We are working ourselves to the bone either to just pay the mortgage or to have that 2 week holiday/bottle of red wine/gin/expensive hobby you need every year because your life is so stressful and you need something to look forward to because every day life is so draining and exhausting. Or to pay for the second car that you need because you work outside of the home to pay for the holiday that you need because your life working is so stressful!

When you think about it like that, it’s kind of nuts isn’t it?

A 5 day working week with only 2 days off is not a good work-life balance or conducive to a good life - unless you absolutely LOVE what you do and can’t bear to be torn away from it. And most people don’t feel that way….sadly.

And a 5 day school life for our children is totally unnecessary. They are putting in more hours at school than we put into our working week!

2) We are never (or rarely) fully in the present moment.

Have you ever really stopped and looked around at the sights, sounds of that moment where you find yourself - whether it’s eating your food or walking down the street or listening to your partner or children? How often do you feel FULLY present to life?

And how often do you really feel the feelings that are arising in you without wanting to distract yourself from those uncomfortable feelings such as turning on the TV, eating something or looking on your phone?

Instead we are caught up in our mind chatter and thoughts that are either dwelling in some past moment that is no longer here or thinking about what we are going to do NEXT or tomorrow or next week, planning, preparing for some imagined future that is NOT HERE NOW!

This is insanity. And it causes a lot of stress.

Stress generally comes from a thought of having too many things to do and feeling pressurised by these thoughts to do them (even though in that moment you can only do 1 thing) or a physical sensation of agitation, heart beating faster, sweaty palms, a sense of ‘panic’ or frustration or fear. These sensations pass but we don’t welcome them and we often don’t do anything to deal with them in that moment that is healthy or conducive to peace and calm. We often turn to our crutches of distraction above.

But life doesn’t have to be this way. We can start to make small changes to our lifestyles, food and thought patterns that are the cause of the feeling of stress. We can become more aware of ourselves (that is all Ayurveda is) and start to put things in place that help stop building stress in the first place, or are able to relieve its effects.

Often when people come for a massage they don’t actually realise just how stressed they are, it has become the ‘normal’ state of being for them. It seeps into your life disrupting your digestion, your sleep, your skin, your ability to regulate your emotions.

Regular massages can help. Click here to find out more.

And also we have a wonderful Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat Day on Managing Stress & Improving Sleep on 12th May. Click here to find out more.

Don’t just live with your stress, life is too short.